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In Llorens Capdevila S.A. We use cookies in order to better serve and provide a better experience for your navigation.

What are cookies?
Cookies are files that are downloaded and stored on any device, storing information about your browsing. Cookies are required to access certain content and services and to make navigation more comfortable and easier for users.
Cookies do not damage your computer, and the fact that they are enabled to identify and resolve any errors. Enabling the use of cookies on your navigation is voluntary, but please note that if you disable the web site experience may not be optimal.
However, remember that may block, restrict or remove cookies from our website at any time. At the end of the document you will find how.
What cookies are used on this site?
The information stored in cookies on this site have statistical purposes, to enable access to all the content and features that we offer, and to improve and optimize our website for all our users.

Who uses the information collected by cookies?

The information collected and stored during your session will be used in accordance with the preceding paragraph, only by Llorens Capdevila S.A.
We inform you also that the data collected during your session will be stored by Google through the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics tools, with the sole purpose of obtaining statistical data that will help us constantly improve the web page Llorens Capdevila.

How I can disable cookies?
If you prefer to restrict, block or disable cookies Llorens Capdevila website in your browser, you can do this by setting your browser options. In the following links you have all the information to disable your cookies:

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